Creditors: Committee Representation

Creditors: committee representation

California Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Creditor Attorneys

Creditor committees established in Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization proceedings have benefited from the representation of the attorneys of Fennell Law for decades. We have sophisticated knowledge of Chapter 11 bankruptcy laws and strive to provide representation to unsecured creditors who may otherwise have had minimal success in debt recovery.

Unsecured Creditor Committees

Bankruptcy laws provide cost-effective solutions for unsecured creditors to organize and protect the interests of similarly situated creditors in business bankruptcy proceedings. The United States Trustee's Office may appoint a committee of unsecured creditors in any Chapter 11 case. The committee may engage counsel, at the expense of the bankruptcy estate, to represent the interests of all unsecured creditors.

Fennell Law has successfully represented the interests of such committees in numerous high- profile cases.

Monitor, Supervise, Negotiate

Fennell Law provides creditor committee representation to protect the interests of the general unsecured creditors in Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings. We facilitate communication between creditors, monitor the actions of the Chapter 11 debtor, and ensure the negotiated reorganization plan maximizes the return to the creditor group.

To retain experienced creditor committee representation, contact the California Chapter 11 bankruptcy creditor attorneys at Fennell Law.

WIN: A 400% increase for sale of a business

Fennell Law represented the Official Unsecured Creditors’ Committee (OCC) in a Chapter 11 case involving a reverse mortgage business. The OCC retained us to analyze the debtor's proposed plan to sell a reverse mortgage business to insiders for a purchase price, payable over time, of approximately $100,000.

Result: Fennell Law assisted the OCC in negotiating a plan with the debtor that provided a purchase price payment of $400,000 upon confirmation of the debtor’s plan.

WIN: A 1,500% increase for sale of a business

Fennell Law represented the OCC in a Chapter 11 case involving a debtor’s nightclub. Through extensive discovery, we uncovered the plot of a disguised insider for an under-value purchase of all the assets of the debtor for $100,000. Upon presenting our findings to the court, we were successful on the OCC’s motion for the appointment of a Chapter 11 trustee.

Result: A public auction with numerous bidders was held that successfully secured a purchase price of $1.5 million.

In this same case, Fennell Law assisted the OCC by ensuring proper accounting for the profitable month-to-month operation of the debtor’s nightclub prior to the appointment of the trustee. Following the sale of assets, we prepared, filed, and guided the OCC’s disclosure statement through the process.

Additional Result: A Chapter 11 Liquidating Plan was confirmed, resulting in a dividend of approximately 80% to unsecured claimants.

What Our Clients Say

Greg, Fontana CA

I'm an attorney as well so I can safely say that Bill and his team are highly ethical, very knowledgeable in bankruptcy and reorganization matters, creative and reasonably priced. You can use them with confidence.

Greg, Fontana, CA

Carolynn, San Diego, CA

Our extreme gratitude for your patience and dedication during this very painful time in our lives as we contemplated a corporate bankruptcy filing. You are an excellent attorney and we would highly recommend you to anyone in a similar situation!

Carolynn, San Diego, CA