Creditor Representations & Creditor Rights

Creditor Representations & Creditor Rights

California Bankruptcy Attorneys

Promoting Creditor Protection

The firm assists the creditor in determining how its interest can be best served, whether through the bankruptcy process or in and out of court negotiations. Although predictably, the creditor's objective is to maximize recovery of liabilities from the debtor entity, often a creditor has other priorities, such as ensuring the business survives bankruptcy and provides future earnings for the creditor. Benefits from the on-going business relationship with the debtor entity may outweigh collecting outstanding accounts receivable. The firm is accomplished at facilitating this analysis and implementing an appropriate recovery strategy.

Creditor Representation

The firm's professionalism and sophistication in handling insolvency matters for creditors is exemplified by the way in which our attorneys are able to analyze a creditor’s situation and respond quickly and decisively to protect the creditor’s position and obtain the highest and best recovery on a claim. The firm's creditor representation includes representation of general unsecured creditors, creditor committees, and secured creditors, such as voluntary lien holders, judgment creditors, as well as priority claimants such as landlords, warehousemen, freight carriers and logistic firms or other parties that have extended credit to a debtor. 

Creditors who are owed significant amounts by a person or entity in bankruptcy are entitled to aggressive representation with a goal of maximizing the recovery and minimizing the disruption to the affairs of the creditor. A consultation with The Law Office of William P. Fennell, APLC can be scheduled by contacting the bankruptcy creditor representation lawyers at the firm.

WIN: Client received a check for $192,000

Successfully defended creditor’s proof of claim arising out of a complex construction development investment held by the creditor against bankruptcy trustee’s objection.

Result: Proof of claim of $425,000 paid with a 45% dividend

Creditor’s Rights

Maximizing Creditor Rights

WIN: Recovered $2,200,000 for client

The San Diego-based Law Office of William P. Fennell, APLC represented the representative of a class action filed on behalf of 670 former employees of a state-wide auto collision repair company.

Result: Fennell Law recovered and distributed $2,200,000 to the class members.

What Our Clients Say

Patrick, San Diego, CA

Bill and his team took on my case and immediately set me at ease as to what was about to take place. Great communication and swift action. Thanks so much.

Patrick, San Diego, CA

David, San Diego, CA

William Fennell and his team were fantastic in handling my legal case. Charles Bethel was excellent as well. Both were extremely thorough and professional throughout the whole process from start to finish. They were firm advocates for me and provided sound legal advice. I would highly recommend this law office without hesitation.

David, San Diego, CA