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As bankruptcy and commercial law professionals, the attorneys at the Law Office of William P. Fennell, APLC  are uniquely positioned to team up with other professionals to supplement and assist in providing expert representation to clients encountering commercial, financial, collection, insolvency, or bankruptcy law issues.  We value our  relationships and pride ourselves on working well with other professionals, including accountants, valuation experts, real estate brokers, agents, and environmental experts.  In our experience, a collaborative approach will yield the best and most cost effective result for the client.

Practice Areas

commercial bankruptcy, creditor's and fiduciary's rights


WIN: Client received a check for $192,000
Successfully defended creditor’s proof of claim arising out of a complex construction development investment held by the creditor against bankruptcy trustee’s objection. Result: Proof of claim of $425,000 paid with a 45% dividend.


WIN: Recovered $2,200,000 for client
The San Diego-based Law Office of William P. Fennell, APLC represented the representative of a class action filed on behalf of 670 former employees of a state-wide auto collision repair company. Result: Fennell Law recovered and distributed the funds of $2,200,000 to the class members.


WIN: A 400% increase for sale of a business
The Law Office of William P. Fennell, APLC represented the Official Unsecured Creditors’ Committee (OCC) in a Chapter 11 case involving a reverse mortgage business. The OCC retained Fennell Law to analyze debtor's proposed plan to sell a reverse mortgage business to insiders for a purchase price, payable over time, of approximately $100,000. Result: Fennell Law assisted the OCC in negotiating with the Debtor a plan that provided a purchase price payment of $400,000 upon confirmation of the Debtor’s plan.
WIN: A 1,500% increase for sale of a business
The Law Office of William P. Fennell, APLC represented the OCC in a Chapter 11 case involving a debtor’s nightclub. Fennell Law, through extensive discovery, uncovered the plot of a disguised insider for an under-value purchase of all the assets of the debtor for $100,000.  Upon presenting their findings to the court, Fennell Law was successful on the OCC’s motion for the appointment of a Chapter 11 trustee. Result: A public auction with numerous bidders was held which successfully secured a purchase price of $1.5 million.

In this same case, Fennell Law assisted the OCC by ensuring proper accounting for the profitable month-to-month operation of the debtor’s nightclub prior to the appointment of the Trustee. Following the sale of assets Fennell Law prepared, filed, and guided the OCC’s disclosure statement through the process. Additional Result: A Chapter 11 Liquidating Plan was confirmed resulting in a dividend of approximately 80% to unsecured claimants.


WIN: Less Stress Chapter 7
The Law Office of William P. Fennell, APLC represented a snowboard manufacturer in successfully and economically winding down the company’s affairs in a Chapter 7 proceeding.